A day at the AICS

At the AICS, no two days are the same. Are you curious what it will be like to study at the AICS? 


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The primary school day

At the AICS, no two days are the same. This video gives you an idea of what a primary school day looks like at the Amsterdam International Community School.

The primary school timetable

The school day

We ask all children and parents/guardians to wait outside (paved area/playground) until it is time to enter the school campus. Please say goodbye to your children at the entrance of the school.

Please remember that if you choose to arrive early, ensure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather.

  • Arrival/school opens at 08:20
  • Registration and lessons start at 08:30
  • Story time and snack – 15 minutes
  • Morning break/play time – 30 minutes
  • Lunch break/play time – 30 minutes
  • Play time – 30 minutes
  • End of day
    • (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 15:15)
    • (Wednesday – 12:00 (half day)

After school clubs and after school care (BSO)

Over the past year while moving to the new South building and as we get ready to move to the Sandcastle in August 2023, we have been reviewing our after school clubs and after school care offer so that we can continue to provide high quality services to all of our students.

After school clubs

We have been working successfully with Kind&Co in the school year 2021-2022, using their platform to professionalise our after school activity process and we are happy to inform you that Kind&Co will be fully coordinating the AICS after school clubs starting in the school year 2022-2023 at all of our three campuses. Kind&Co is an established and professional, non-profit organisation that has experience with after school care and after school activities for international schools in the Netherlands.  

The after school clubs programme offers a variety of safe and age appropriate after school activities to all primary students across all three campuses. Our students can participate in after school activities such as dance, sewing, chess, art, guitar, film and many more. 

The After School Club coordinator from Kind&Co is Iris Selderijk. Please feel free to contact Iris whenever you have questions, nice ideas or suggestions at i.selderijk@kindenco.nl

After school care (BSO)

At our South and Satellite campus our after school care is offered by Partou. Partou is the largest provider of high-quality childcare in the Netherlands and has offered their services to the AICS since 2016. Their after school care is located within the South and Satellite school buildings.

For our students at the South East campus there will be two options for the school year 2022-2023, while we are preparing ourselves and our community for the move to the Sandcastle:

  1. Students move with Partou across the road to the Klaverblad location for their after school care (BSO). Parents can decide to stay there for the full school year or choose to move from Partou to Kind&Co for the remainder of the school year per January 2023.

  2. Students will wait until end of first quarter 2023 to join after school care (BSO) when Kind&Co will open their after school care facility in our temporary Southeast building. 

In August 2023, the Southeast campus will move to the new Sandcastle building. Kind&Co will move with the school and continue their after school care facility in the new school building. We are confident that these changes will result in a sustainable and integrated partnership between the AICS and Kind&Co that will connect after school care with the after school activities in the coming years. 

For any questions regarding after school care, please contact admin@aics.espritscholen.nl

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