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Financial matters

School fees

The AICS is officially recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, which contributes funds to the school. Apart from these funds, every student pays school fees.

School fees are set annually, in accordance with Dutch International Primary and Secondary School Guidelines. The school fee consists of tuition fees, a deposit and some additional costs. The tuition fees are needed to fulfil the educational duties of the AICS. They are used for keeping the class sizes small; hiring staff internationally; the provision of a modern, caring and supportive learning environment, and for membership of international organisations and accreditation services.


School fees 2024-2025

The table below shows the annual school fees for new students starting in August 2024. If you start later than September, your tuition fee will be prorated.

To process your application, a non-refundable Registration Fee of €200 per student will be charged. Once you have been accepted at the AICS, you will be invoiced for the school fees.

The school fees are established annually for the following academic year, taking into account various considerations such as indexation/inflation. In addition, the school reserves the right to further adjust the school fees in order to accommodate changes in state funding towards school fees, along with any increases in external examination fees.

For more information about school fees and payment details, check the information in the school guide.

Cancellation Policy for New Students

For new students who cancel, after acceptance and payment of the deposit and the first installment of the tuition fees, we require 1 month notice prior to the start date (excluding school holidays). For cancellations without 1 month notice we will keep the EUR 500 deposit. The tuition fee will be fully refunded. 

Withdrawal & refunds

Should you wish to withdraw your child from the AICS, please send an email to or send a message using the Messages Tab in Open Apply. We will then add the Withdrawal Form to your Checklist in Open Apply. The following notice period and conditions of withdrawal must be adhered to in order to receive a refund of any remaining tuition fees, deposit and costs (if applicable to you).

The notice period is 30 days’ written notice via a completed Withdrawal Form in Open Apply. If your notice period falls over a holiday period, we will take the actual last day that your child was at school as the withdrawal date. This means that you need to complete the Withdrawal Form 30 days prior to this date (excluding the holiday period)

Please look in the school guide to see the percentage and amount of refund that is applicable. This percentage is dependent on the actual month that the student leaves the AICS.

In addition to the regular notice periods (see the school guide) we will charge 25% of the school fees for students that withdraw in August.

Requirements for a refund of the deposit:

- The notice period of 30 days has been given by completing and submitting a Withdrawal Form in Open Apply.
- All tuition fees and costs have been paid in full.
- All school books have been returned. If these are not returned, the book costs will be deducted from your deposit.
- The AICS MacBook has been returned (secondary students only, if applicable). If the MacBook is not returned or damaged, the relevant cost will be deducted from your deposit. 
- The child has officially left the AICS. 

The refund will take approximately 4 to 10 weeks to be credited to your bank account.

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