Global Citizenship

What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship is a shared understanding of the knowledge and development of the skills that form the foundation for meaningful engagement in the world. As Global citizens, we are self-aware and take moral and ethical responsibility to actively engage in our (wider) community. In doing so, we help to sustain the planet, work towards ethical systems and equity for the people in our communities. Intercultural learning plays a major role in this process.


Intercultural learning

At AICS we understand Intercultural Learning as an ongoing process in which we become increasingly aware of a variety of cultures including our own. We develop this understanding through meaningful interactions and exploration of our identities and perspectives. We learn to appreciate the added value of our interdependence.

What Does Global Citizenship Mean for Our School Community?

We understand Global citizenship to focus on three main areas: the planet (Earth), society (People) and social, political and economic factors (World) with sustainability at their core. We understand a key aspect of sustainability to focus on the future, extending beyond our lifetime and the importance of taking responsibility for this now. We think it is important to ensure that our students, but also our more immediate and wider community engage with, advocate and role-model responsible and ethical behaviour.

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