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Student Council

The Student Council is a group of elected students from each year level (both the Primary and Secondary Schools) that represents the student body at the AICS.

As representatives, it is our role to address the issues that concern students. The student council is about communicating effectively within and between year levels to make sure that the voice of the students is heard. As a group, we collectively aim to resolve issues with pragmatic solutions in order to make our school a better place.

The Student Council functions in an advisory as well as a policy-making capacity. Suggestions concerning regulations and other appropriate matters may be brought to the notice of Student Council members.

Participation and staff Council

The Participation Council (PC) is an elected body that is a legal requirement for all state subsidised schools in the Netherlands.  It consists of parents, staff and students.  The staff part of the participation council represents all staff (Primary and Secondary), with the exception of the school leadership team(LT). The Teaching Staff, as well as the Support Staff, are represented in the Staff Council (SC).  In the general PC, we are joined by representatives from the parents and from the students. While the leadership team is responsible for all decisions regarding the school, the PC actively considers, and when necessary, advises the school.


The AICS participates in the Eco-schools programme. The Eco-Schools organisation offers schools the opportunity to show their ecological footprint and encourages them to improve it.

The focus of the programme is on a positive change of behaviour (of students, staff, parents and others) and to secure the embedding of sustainability in the curriculum. The approach of the programme is ‘student-led change’.

The AICS has an eco-committee that works on different improvements for our school. The topics they focus on are litter, energy conservation, waste recycling, water, school grounds, biodiversity, transport, healthy living, and global perspective.

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