Financial Matters

School Fees

The AICS is officially recognised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, which contributes funds to the school. School fees are set annually, in accordance with Dutch International Primary and Secondary School Guidelines. 

Please note that all fees on this page are for the 2017-18 School Year


Payment Structure for new students starting later on in the school year

Pro-rated table showing Tuition Fees, Deposit and Costs for school year:-

Full breakdown of school fees

*IB examination costs subject to change.
*All prices are subject to change in a new academic school year.
*The deposit is only applicable to new students. The above table of fees is also applicable to existing students.

The above fees include the use of text books.

The tuition fees for Group 0 are available on request via our Admissions or Finance Departments. As this age group is not fully subsidised by the government, the tuition fees are slightly higher than groups 1-7.