Some Frequently Asked Questions...

What happens if I submit an application without all the requested documentation?

We will email you to say that we will not go further with your application until you have submitted all the documentation.   We will not send you a further reminder.  If we do not receive the documentation within 10 days we will delete your application and you will need to resubmit the whole application again.  So please only submit your application when it is completely ready.

Do you have a waiting list?

Due to the popularity of the School we often have waiting lists. It is impossible to predict how long it may take for a space to become available as we rely on existing families leaving to open up the spaces.

In Groups 0 and 1 we often receive many more applications than we have available spaces, the waiting list position of your child is related to when you paid your registration fee.

Some forward planning families apply for these spaces many years in advance and when the time comes for us to offer the spaces we find that their circumstances have changed and they are no longer interested.

Please note that the waiting lists are always subject to change, you may go up the list if a family on the list is no longer interested in a place and down the list if a sibling of a current student is making an application.

How big are the Groups?

Each Group has a maximum capacity of 22 students.

Groups 0-1 have a Full time Teaching Assistant.

Groups 2-3 has a Part time Teaching Assistant.

Do you have a Special Education facility?

We are able to provide extra assistance for a limited number of students, once we have reached capacity within the department with the best interest of your child in mind, we may advise that you remain on the waiting list until a time when we are able to provide the full support that your child requires.

Do you enrol children who do not speak English?

Yes we do!

Please see page 16 of our digital school guide for more information and note that the service we provide (ELA) is also known as EAL or ESL in other schools

What is Group 0?

Group 0 runs the same as Group 1. It has been set up for children who turn 4 too late to join Group 1 and who are too old to attend day care so they may attend the school. It is NOT voorschool/Preschool.

Do you have any after school clubs?

At AICS we encourage students to participate in local community sports and activities as much as possible. For that reason we limit our own extracurricular offerings to those activities not readily available within the local community.

The AICS offers a variety of school activities that are organised, as needed or wanted, from term to term. A listing of current offerings can be found in the quarterly newsletter and/or the AICS Weekly. These activities may incur a small fee. Anyone who is interested in running an activity for primary students should contact the school office.

IB Diploma students are required to participate in the CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) program at AICS. The program helps students develop skills and understanding beyond the academic curriculum. It fosters self-awareness and empathy for others, develops creative, collaborative and experiential skills, and enables students to become serving members of the community-at-large (which may be local, national, or even international, depending on the student’s interests). For further information on the CAS program, please refer to the detailed guide in My AICS.

Can my child join at any time in the School year?

Provided that a space is available it is possible to join at any time within the first 3 Terms.

What happens if I apply now and do not get a space for this year?

Your application will automatically roll over to the next school year until you a space becomes available or you advise us that you are no longer interested.

Do you provide transport to the School?

As we are situated next to a main transportation hub, Amsterdam Station Zuid, we do not provide extra transportation services.

What are the School hours?

The Primary School hours are listed below:

Groups 0-2 Groups 3-7
08:25Arrival/school opens08:15Arrival/School opens
08:40Registration/Lessons begin08:25Registration/Lessons begin
Staggered between 10:00-10:30Morning Break 15 minutes (snack time) 15 minutes (playtime)Staggered between 10:30-11:00Morning Break 15 minutes (snack time)
Lessons Lessons
Staggered between 12:00-13:00 (Group 3 12:30 - 13:30)Lunch Break 30 minutes (lunchtime) 30 minutes (playtime)Staggered between 13:00-14:00Lunch Break 30 minutes (lunchtime) 30 minutes (playtime)
Lessons Lessons
15:15End of Day15:15End of Day
Wednesday finish as 12:00 (half day)

The Secondary Timetable varies everyday for each individual school year.

What languages are available?

English/Dutch/French/Spanish/German (German is only available for certain MYP levels)

Do you have any after School care?

There is an after school care facility within the building which is run by a separate company.

More information can be found on their website:

    Lunchtime supervision

    Lunchtime supervision is provided by Partou on site please refer to page 53 of the digital School guide for full details.

    FAQ About the Satellite School

    The school will start with groups 1, 2 and 3. What happens after group 3?

    The groups will just roll up.  So group 3 students will roll up to group 4 at the same location.  This will continue up to and including group 7.

    What is the capacity of the new location?

    We have space for two classes of each group – so that is from groups 1 to 7 plus one group 0 each year.

    What happens after my child has completed the Primary School section?

    By that time, the other side of the building will be available and we will start an AICS Satellite Secondary School there.  Students will not transfer to our existing Secondary School.

    Is there after-school care available?

    Partou is already at the new location and it is literally next door to us.  We have been advised that they do have space so if we have offered you a place at the Satellite School, please contact Partou straight away to reserve your after-school care.

    Will there be after-school clubs?

    Most definitely.  A lot of the current club leaders at the AICS are more than happy to run their clubs at the new location as well.

    What facilities does the new location offer?

    Apart from nice, bright classrooms – the building has a little gym, a big full sized gym with equipment and a climbing wall and a theatre.  The first floor has a secure balcony with a sand pit and playground equipment suitable for younger children.  The front of the building has a big playground area.  

    What else is in this building?

    Partou child care, a peuterspeelzaal, a Dutch Primary School, some gemeente offices and a café/restaurant.  It is a lovely community building which fits in with our school ethos of being a community school.

    What is the parking like?

    You cannot park right outside the school.  However, there are certain streets where you can park for free for 90 minutes if you display the special blue time card in your car window.  There is also a car park under the shopping center where you can park free for the first 90 minutes.  It is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the car park.

    Is there public transport?

    The 199 bus stops right outside the school.  There are other buses that are just a few minutes’ walk away.  There is also the tram 5 and metro 51, nearest stop A J Ernstraat.

    As the school is so small, will the children join the main AICS for celebrations like Kingsday?

    This is certainly something we are looking into.  The fact that the Satellite location has a big gym and a theater means that we may hold bigger celebrations at the Satellite instead of the WTC location.  However, there will be 88-110 children in the new location which is big enough to have fun celebrations.

    Can I swap locations?

    This is not possible.  You enroll and stay at one location for your time here at the AICS.

    I am on the waiting list and I have one child who could go to the Satellite, but my other child is too old for that location. Will you split them up?

    No.  We would put you on the waiting list for the WTC location only.

    So is it two separate AICS schools?

    No.  Think of it as one school with two locations.  The Satellite School will have the same Director, Headmaster and Leaders for Learning.  There will be a mixture of existing staff and a few new staff members.

    Are you moving any children from the current WTC location to the new location?

    No we are not.

    I heard group 0 will move from WTC to the new location?

    This is incorrect.  There will be one group 0 class every January at both locations.

    How far away are the two locations from each other?

    You can cycle in 5-10 minutes.  Depending on traffic, it is only a 5-10 minute drive.  By metro or tram, it is 3 stops away.  Google Maps estimates a 20 minute walk for a distance of 1.6km.