Admissions & Application Information

The AICS caters for the needs of foreign national students who will only be spending a few years in the Netherlands, as well as for those Dutch students who need to be educated in an international school to ensure continuity of international education.

School Fees

Please note that the AICS is a Dutch International School that offers English Education with a fee structure that conforms to the guidelines set by the ministry of education. 

Please click here for an up to date fee structure.

Step 1

Calculate Grade Level Placement

To calculate the grade placement by age of your child: Enter their date of birth here and click the button. Please note that this is the grade placement by age. Children entering the AICS Secondary School are often placed according to their previous education.

With regard to grade placement, the decision of the Leader for Learning is final.

Once you have found the grade placement for which your child is eligible you can check the length of our waiting list at the bottom of this page.  

Step 2

Check the Waiting lists

Step 2

Do you need more Information

If you want more information about availability then please click this link to fill in the Availability Request Form

To request an Application Form


If you understand the length of the waiting list and still wish to apply, then please click this link to request an Application Form.