Admissions & Application Information

We are currently UNABLE to process NEW applications! 

We are not able to accept any applications at this time as we are transitioning to a new ONLINE APPLICATION SYSTEM for new applicants to use.  Please be so kind as to wait until the second week of May in order to apply.  You will be able to see on our website when this new Online System is up and running.  


As everything will be online, you will need to complete a different type of application form.  With our new online system you will be able to create your own account. You will be able to upload all documents like passport copies as well as school reports.  You will also get automatic status notifications, so you can follow the complete application process.

Please note that for this current school year 2017/18 we are full, apart from MYP 2 (children aged 12).  For all other ages the admissions is closed.

For school year 2018/19 we are full at the Satellite Location and Main Location, apart from the Diploma Programme (grade 11).

We are opening a third location in Amsterdam South East. We can NOT YET confirm neither location nor start date as this is a decision of the municipality of Amsterdam. It is unfortunately out of our hands.  

We will have many places available, so please apply if you are interested.  We will begin with ages 4-13 but we might consider ages 14-15 if we have enough interest.


If you wish to view other international schools in the Netherlands, please go to

You can also take a look at our sister school, they have classes up to MYP5 (enrollment procedure can only be done via DENISE):

For any questions regarding Live, Work or Study in Amsterdam we suggest you contact the Expatcenter Amsterdam, IN Amsterdam:

Please note that in order to go onto our waiting list we do charge a non-refundable registration fee of €200.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

AICS Admissions Team

School Fees

Please note that the AICS is a Dutch International School that offers English Education with a fee structure that conforms to the guidelines set by the ministry of education. 

Please click here for an up to date fee structure.

Step 1

Calculate Grade Level Placement

To calculate the grade placement by age of your child: Enter their date of birth here and click the button. Please note that this is the grade placement by age. Children entering the AICS Secondary School are often placed according to their previous education.

With regard to grade placement, the decision of the Leader for Learning is final.

Once you have found the grade placement for which your child is eligible you can check the length of our waiting list at the bottom of this page.  

Step 2

Check the Waiting lists

Step 2

Do you need more Information

If you want more information about availability then please click this link to fill in the Availability Request Form

To request an Application Form


If you understand the length of the waiting list and still wish to apply, then please click this link to request an Application Form.