Student Support

The AICS aims to be an inclusive school. We believe deeply in our mission to serve our diverse and globally mobile community to the best of our ability, and accept children with a diverse range of learning backgrounds.

Our mission is to facilitate high-quality, accessible, community-based, international learning for students of all nationalities living in the Netherlands. Our values are: diversity, community, integrity and inquiry. Our mission that everyone is included, challenged and successful is one we take very seriously, believing that an inclusive educational programme has a value that enriches the whole community.   We accept students with a range of  abilities and learning diversity.needs.  While we strive to be inclusive, we may not be able to meet the needs of some students.  In the interest of giving the best education and support, we carefully assess all students with learning diversity needs who apply to the AICS. We provide a range of support options for students depending on their needs. The form and duration of support offered in primary is different to the support offered in secondary. In primary school, student support takes place in class and in small group settings.  In secondary school, support is offered in small groups and on a one to one basis.  We also collaborate with a wide range of external patterns to support our students. While we strive to be inclusive, we may not be able to meet the needs of some students.  When we are unable to support a student’s learning diversity needs we advise families on alternative schooling possibilities.

The Student Support Team

Student Support begins within the classroom itself, led by teachers and mentors. Our aim is to ensure that we are able to meet the diverse needs of our student population by tailoring our teaching around individual student needs. 


Supporting Students at the AICS

If a student requires more than the basic support given in class, a teacher can refer them to the Student Support Team (SST). Click HERE for more detail about our student support structure. The Support Team offers a range of small group training and individual coaching. All support is determined on an individual basis. AICS follows the IB guidelines. The school will always make the final decision as to what kind of support a student can and will receive. 


The Student Support Team recognises 3 different areas of support needs:

             1. Academic

             2. Social Emotional

             3. Physical

Depending on the area(s) of need, students are allocated to the relevant placement level of support and that will determine the nature of support the student will receive and its duration.

You will find a placement overview for seconday school students HERE