Learning at the AICS

Our values

Our students enjoy an excellent educational foundation at the AICS: an international education founded on values. Our key values are diversity, inquiry, integrity and community.

We teach our students to understand challenges with high global relevance and the fact that we are all in it together.

In other words, our teaching goes beyond mere cognition. We also teach character. Our young learners need to be willing and able to collaborate with others to face these challenges.

Our values underline this important task: they guide our teaching towards the development of our students’ understanding of these challenges, and their attitudes and skills to deal with them. We teach towards this kind of disposition.

The underpinning values of the AICS programmes aim to inspire our students to become young people of integrity, realising that a better future includes a (learned) disposition towards diversity, inquiry and community.

Small groups with extensive support

Our classes are organised in age-based year groups. In order to ensure an optimal learning environment for our students, the profile of class groups at the AICS is guided around the principles of mixed ability levels, social/emotional and learning diversity requirements, English language ability level and gender balance. All classes have a maximum of 22 students.