AICS Libraries

Reading is at the core of our activities. The AICS Library system consists of three libraries located at the AICS Main, South East, and Satellite campuses.


Our library has a magnificent collection of more than 50,000 books. While most of our books are in English, we are actively expanding our collection in the other languages spoken by students and teachers, including Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, and others.

Alongside the usual library activities, the Main Library offers a piano, chess, worm composting, gardening, and other activities and celebrations throughout the year.

We encourage students to borrow books and read as much as possible. We want them to develop a habit of reading. Therefore, parents are encouraged to visit after school hours to borrow books for their children and themselves.

Primary Library

Every week, we meet each primary group to read a story or learn more about information literacy. During this time, children borrow books to take home for the week.

Secondary Library

For secondary students, the library is available throughout the school day to support their studies. Lower secondary classes come in for reading time or attending a workshop. The Teacher Librarian assists them with their research by providing information and training on how to use the Library’s academic research databases (such as EBSCO) and other resources available at the AICS (e.g. NoodleTools). The library is also a place where students can relax and prepare for their next lessons.


The AICS Library Catalogue offers access to the entire collection in all three campus libraries. With your login, you can reserve books, create reading lists, rate books, like authors, request book acquisitions, and even post reviews. If you do not have a login for the catalogue, please ask a member of the library team to assist you.

Click here to access the AICS Library Catalogue. 

Research Databases

The AICS Library Research Databases are a collection of intuitive tools to assist students in their research divided by subject and school level (primary and secondary).

Click here to access the AICS Library Research Databases. The Library Research Databases are only accessible via the AICS computers. 

Library Team

The library team consists of the following team members. 


Marion Sabrié

Teacher Librarian

Charlene Keohane

Library Assistant

Chris van der Steen

Library Assistant

Matthew Olson-Roy

Library Assistant

Mousami Gupta

Library Assistant



The libraries at all three campuses are open to students, staff, and parents. Here you will find the library hours. 

AICS Main South East Satellite
Mon.–Fri. 8:00–17:00 Wed. & Fri. 8:30–17:00

Tues. 8:00–16:30

Thurs. 8:30–17:00

For assistance or additional information, feel free to contact the Library team: