Day Care and After School Care Services (formely known as SKON)

Partou Child Care

Partou is located in the AICS in the Prinses Irenestraat and provides day care, out-of-school care and lunchtime supervision for children between 0 and 12. The center is open for a maximum of 11 hours a day and all year round (with the exception of public holidays). Thus the children’s care fits in with their parents’ working hours. Hot meals are available on demand.

All members of the staff master the English language. This ensures a reliable transfer of information between staff and English speaking parents. The language of communication with the children is Dutch. However, we use English to appease the children when necessary or to translate a Dutch message they did not understand. This not only enhances the children’s feeling of safety, but also gives them the opportunity to learn both languages. Read more about our bi-lingual care in Partou’s General Pedagogical Policy Plan, which you can find on their website:

Day care

For the little ones Partou provides day care. During the day we offer them a mix of free playing time and organized, theme-based activities which stimulate their development. Every six weeks a new theme is addressed with new activities introducing the children to new words. If the weather is nice, we like to spend time outside on our own playground or go for a walk in the park.


We find it important that the children can relax after a busy school day. In school weeks we offer them a wide range of activities. It is up to the children themselves whether they want to participate in a workshop or activity or prefer playing freely. During the school holidays we have a special holiday program based on a particular theme. Part of the holiday program is the undertaking of trips with the children twice or three times a week.

Curious about our center? You are welcome to drop in and have a look. For more information about placing possibilities and prices call our customer service on (088) 235 75 00 or send an e-mail:

For more information about our daycare centre and for visiting our daycare center you can contact the center manager at or  020 442 01 30.

Lunchtime supervision

The AICS has outsourced its lunchtime supervision to Partou Prinses Irenestraat. In school weeks it takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12.00 to 14.00 o’clock. The children are supervised by a professional coordinator and volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Lunchtime Supervision Team as a volunteer, please contact Mark Jansen, Lunchtime Coordinator of Partou, on:


If you are interested in joining the Lunchtime Supervision Team as a volunteer, please contact Partou on: