A day at the AICS

The Primary School day

At the AICS, no two days are the same. Are you curious what it will be like to study at the AICS? This video gives you an idea of what a primary school day looks like at the Amsterdam International Community School.

The Primary School timetable

The Primary School timetable looks like this:

For more information, check the School Guide.


The AICS library is an exciting and vital learning center of the school. Each primary group visits the library on a weekly basis to read, conduct research and/or to borrow books to take home each week. Our library has the essential role of supporting the transdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning of our community. Students also receive instruction on research strategies and other approaches to learning that allows them to make optimal use of our large selection of resources to further guide their learning.

The library is open to all students, staff and parents. We encourage students to borrow books and read as much as possible. We want them to leave school having developed a habit of reading. Therefore, parents are encouraged to visit after school hours when they are free to borrow books for their children and for themselves. We have an extensive collection of books and are always glad to hear of recommendations. Click here to login to the library.