South East Campus

Our South East Campus is situated in a brand new state-of-the-art building, filled with natural light. The campus is located in a green and spacious area with good infrastructure in the South East of Amsterdam. It provides an eco-friendly environment, nurturing and yet challenging our children on both an academic and social level.

At our South East Campus, we currently have over 320 students from 43 different nationalities in both Primary and Secondary School. We are proud of the diversity of our school community. We expect to grow up to 500 students, after which we will move to the ‘Sandcastle’, a characteristic building, situated at Bijlmerplein.

AICS South East now offers primary education from Group 1 to 7 and the Middle Years Programme (MYP) year 1 to 4. In the 2020/2021 academic year we will also offer MYP 5.

In the coming years, AICS South East will continue to offer primary and secondary education up to and including MYP 5, with two classes in each year level. We will then have reached the maximum capacity of our building. Students who graduate from MYP 5 will transfer to the Main Campus to follow either the IB Careers-Related Programme (CP) or the IB Diploma Programme (DP).

Once AICS South East moves to the Sandcastle (expected September 2023), the IB CP and DP will also be offered at this campus.

Take a video tour of our South East campus


All our campuses have access to gym facilities, a library, as well as arts and performance/exhibition facilities.

In addition, we have a two science labs, a dance room, a music and drama room, a little gym and two assembly halls. These facilities support our curriculum and provide opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

Furthermore, we also have a World Cafe. This facility is open every day for secondary students, AICS parents and staff. We also organize our monthly Parent Coffee Mornings in the World Cafe.

AICS South East currently shares the building and our facilities with Woest Zuid. Woest Zuid provides out-of-school care and lunchtime supervision for children between the age of 4 and 12 years. 


This campus is highly accessible by car, train, bus and metro. The South East Campus is a few minutes walk from Metro Station Strandvliet, and a 10-minute walk from Station Amsterdam Bijlmer.

Shuttle service

Students can also make use of our shuttle service to facilitate the commute from pick up and drop off points at Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Centrum, Amsterdam Oost and Amstelveen to the South East Campus. This service is run by Atlas Shuttle service. For more information, please email or call +31 6 30007997.