TINTIN - TeachINg about climate change in schools whilsT addressINg fake news and constructive journalism

14 April 2021

Ref 2020-1-ES01-KA201-082367

Tintin is a strategic partnership funded by the Erasmus+ program, coordinated by MyDocumenta, and with the participation of 6 secondary schools, a university, an association of environmental journalists and a public governmental institution, from Spain, Estonia, Latvia and the Netherlands. The Tintin project will create an open-access online course of environmental journalism addressed to secondary-school students. The students will investigate the most relevant topics of climate change, learn about misconceptions and fake news created around them, and develop their critical thinking. They will learn about journalism, how to do research, prepare interviews, create and edit videos. They will receive verified information from experts and guidance from professional journalists, they will conduct interviews with parents, members of their community or experts about common misconceptions on climate change, will share and debate the results, and propose actions. Teachers will receive powerful open material, as well the guidance and training to implement the course with their students through the use of an eportfolio, and recommendations to adapt the material to other educational levels.

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