AICS new building

Two state of the art AICS campuses in the making

Two state of the art AICS campuses in the making



In our journey to provide the best learning environment for our students, we’ve never settled for mediocrity. The same can be said for the search for our new buildings where we aim to provide 1400 students with a modern state of the art campuses. We currently have 3 campuses in Amsterdam: AICS main campus at Prinses Irenestraat, AICS satellite campus at Arent Janszoon Ernststraat and AICS South East at Darlingstraat


AICS Main campus

Since the opening of the Amsterdam International Community School in 2007, the main campus has been located at the Prinses Irenestraat, for seven years we’ve searched for the perfect location for AICS Main where we can move to, in anticipation of outgrowing our current Main campus. In 2014, we found the perfect location for AICS Main at the Arent Janszoon Ernststraat. The needs and design of the new building was a group effort with input from both primary and secondary staff and students. Filled with excitement and bursting with energy, we finalised the design in 2015 and simultaneously set in motion the municipal procedure. 

With a short delay in 2018, we finally received the official approval to start with our precious project. Demolition work of the existing building started in 2019 and the first foundation piles were drilled into the ground in 2020. We are extremely proud to inform our community that the construction work is going very well and on schedule. Our primary students have had the opportunity to visit the building site and see where they will go to school in the near future, they even decorated the building site with their very own artwork. In December of 2020, our students said hello to their future neighbors and delivered new year's wishes. We are very excited to let our community know that the official moving date is 10 January 2022. 

In the coming months we will also be thinking about what we would like to name our new campus and it goes without saying that we are open to suggestions from our community, If you would like to share your ideas about a name for the new campus, please get in touch with Mathius.


“I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends in the auditorium, gym and cafetaria” Aanya - MYP 5 student


“I look forward to see the auditorium and walking through our new main entrance” Naomi - MYP 2 student


“Excited for the larger cafeteria with more seats to hang out with my friends” Hazel - Myp 2 student


AICS South East campus

In 2018, we experienced a significant growth in our school community and we realised that we would need extra space to accommodate our students. Over the past years, we have established and maintained a very good relationship with the city of Amsterdam. As a result, the city of Amsterdam kindly offered us an old school building at the President Brandstraat located in the Eastern part of the city, for us to get started.

We successfully renovated and opened the school building in 5 months and we were fully operational on 29 September 2018. At the same time we started to plan the move into a larger temporary school building at the Darlingstraat located in the South East part of Amsterdam.

The modular, sustainable and circular building opened for students in September of 2019. Nevertheless, our search for a new permanent campus never stopped and in 2019 we were offered the Sandcastle (Zandkasteel in Dutch) building.

This iconic building was the headquarters of what is now known as the ING bank. At the time, in 1989, this building was the largest office building in Europe and consisted of 10 towers in an anthroposophical design. The AICS South East campus will be housed in tower A, B and C. In 2020 we agreed on the final design and in 2021 the process of deconstruction will take place and in 2022 the construction of the spaces according to our plans will take place. In the spring of 2023 the building will be delivered to the AICS and we plan to welcome our students in August of 2023.

As we navigate these exciting times, we’ve never failed to lose sight of our vision, which is, “To be a community where learning is at the heart of everything we do”. Our ambition to provide our students and community with the best facilities is a testament to our vision statement. It cannot be stressed enough how proud we are of our community during these very difficult times. We appreciate all the hard work, continuous support and are thankful to everyone who is making this all possible.