FAQ and more information

Is the school open to all students?

Admission to Dutch International Schools is subject to conditions set in Dutch legislation. Our school is required to adhere to the following eligibility criteria:

A. The student has a non-Dutch nationality/is a foreign passport holder and one of the parents/legal guardians is temporarily employed in the Netherlands.

B. The student has a Dutch nationality and has lived and attended school abroad for at least two years because one of the parents/legal guardians was stationed abroad.

C. The student has a Dutch nationality and has a parent/legal guardian (with whom the student will be living) who will be stationed abroad within two years and for at least two years. This is to be proven by a written statement of intent by the employer.

D. In addition: students from the Dutch educational system with a passing VWO 4 report, or HAVO 5 Diploma may apply for the Diploma or Careers Programme, DP 1 and CP 1. Students will need to demonstrate sufficient fluency in English.

Can my child join at any time in the School year?

Provided that a place is available it is possible to join at any time during the school year.

Do you have places available?

We have places available. However, depending on the year group and the campus, there might be a waiting list. Please contact our admissions department for more details.

Do you enrol children who do not speak English?

Yes we do! Please see our digital school guide for more information and note that the service we provide (ELA) is also known as EAL or ESL in other schools.

What languages are available?

Primary School: English and Dutch
Secondary School: English/ Dutch/ French/ Spanish/ German (German is only available for certain MYP levels).

Do you have a Special Education facility?

We are able to provide extra assistance for a limited number of students. Once we have reached capacity within the department, with the best interest of your child in mind, we may advise that you remain on the waiting list until we are able to provide the full support that your child requires. Please note that your application review can take longer if there are learning diversity requirements.

Will my child need an intake before he/she can be accepted?

All Primary School children take part in an intake as part of our admissions process. Secondary School students may be invited for an intake if we require further information.

What happens if I apply now and do not get a place for this year?

Your application will automatically roll over to the next school year until a place becomes available or you advise us that you are no longer interested.

Do you provide transport to the schools?

All three campuses are situated close to public transport facilities.

Do you have any after-school care?

There is an after-school care facility within the building which is run by a separate company. See ‘Campuses’ for more information.

Can I swap campuses?

This is not possible. You enrol and stay at one campus for your time here at the AICS.

The Satellite Campus only has a Primary School. What happens after my child has completed his or her primary education?

Primary School students from the Satellite have a guarantee that they can continue their secondary education in our South East campus.

So are they three separate AICS schools?

No, we are one school with three campuses. The Main, South East and Satellite campuses have the same Director, Deputy Director and staff. Each campus does have its own Head of School. 

Can the AICS help me with my visa application?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist you, as we are not a recognised sponsor. More information can be found via www.ind.nl and www.iamsterdam.com/en/our-network/in-amsterdam.

Does the AICS offer scholarships?

No, we are unable to offer any scholarships.

Does the AICS offer boarding facilities?

The AICS is a day school, so we do not have boarding facilities