Admissions & Application Information



We currently have places available in all grade levels at our South East Campus. This is because we have expanded to a larger new school building. The South East Campus caters for students aged 4-14 (Primary School groups 1-7 and Secondary School MYP 1-4). Eventually this campus will go up to DP 2 grade level.  We also have a few places available in group 6 for the Main Campus and Satellite Campus.


If you are interested in joining the South East Campus for the school year 2019/20, or group 6 Main or Satellite,  please proceed further to our Open Apply link. You will then fill out an online application form and pay a non-refundable registration fee of €200.  During the summer, the Admissions Office will process your application and contact you.

Please note that we will not be taking any general enquiries or applications for any of the campuses for future years applications, until the school reopens again at the end of August  

Please click on the logo below to access our Admissions site


Calculate Grade Level Placement

To calculate the grade placement by age of your child: Enter their date of birth here and click the button. Please note that this is the grade placement by age. Children entering the AICS Secondary School are often placed according to their previous education.

With regard to grade placement, the decision of the Leader for Learning is final.